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Vanessa Miles comes from a famous theatrical family - her brother Christopher is a film director and her sister Sarah is an actress and she herself was a successful actress, both in the theatre and in numerous television productions.


After the birth of her first child she began broadcasting for Capital Radio on the Michael Aspel Show and as a result wrote 'A Capital Guide for Kids', 'What Can I Do?' and 'Castles and Dungeons'.


In 1996 as broadcaster for LBC, she also published, 'The LBC Family Guide to London'.


Her work as a journalist includes a column on the Today newspaper as well as book and film reviews for various magazines. She worked in television as Sky TV's resident expert on customs and folklore for five years and is currently working on a new book.Vanessa lives with her family in West London.


  • Flukes and Failures - A light hearted account of her life. Her family, childhood, the boarding school years at Benenden with Princess Anne and the ups and downs of a diverse career.

  • From Botox to Betjeman (Poetry, Pilates and the Power of Performance) - We might look good, we might feel fit, but what happens when we're older and our memory gets out of condition? The theme for this talk is the enduring power of the brain and how to keep your mind in shape - a sort of mental gymnastics! As one American pharmaceutical executive put it.. "soon we'll need fleets of vans to cruise the streets picking up elderly joggers - they're super fit but can't remember where they live!"

Vanessa Miles
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