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  • Henry VIII – England’s Favourite King

  • Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant Major – WW2 D Day

  • The Zulu Wars – Redcoat Sergeant

  • The Not So Wild West – Moustachioed Marshall

  • Titanic - The Ship that never Sank – First Class Passenger

  • Jack the Ripper - Sherlock Holmes Names Him

  • Cardinal Wolsey - The Best Pope We Never Had

  • Shakespeare - the plays What I Never Wrote

  • Behind You - pantomime history and back stage antics

  • Secret London - things you never knew about the capital.

  • The Plague! The Plague! - the doctor will see you now.

Tony Harris



Tony Harris is a professional comedian, raconteur and actor who specialises in historical talks with an hysterical twist that tackle Churchill, the skinking of the Titanic, Hercule Poirrot, the Loch Ness Monster and the Curse of Tutankhamun.


For two years Tony lived and worked at Hampton Court Palace and played Henry VIII every other day for the benefit of more than half a million tourists.


He learnt his Tudor trade at the feet of major historical experts and has been bringing his unique blend of history and comedy to the speaker circuit for the past six years.


His aim is to trick people into learning by making them laugh, but every point he makes is historically accurate.


Tony’s booming voice means he doesn’t have to use sound systems but he is equally as comfortable with a microphone as he is unplugged.


Earning his living as a stand up comedian (with his comedy waiter character Frenk) means he can get the most from any age or sized audience but, rest assured, he is as pure as the driven snow on the lecture circuit and you won’t be disappointed.

Tony also does two non-costumed shows; Bygone shopping brands and Origins of Words and Phrases.

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