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Terence joined the Metropolitan police in London as a police cadet. After training at the Hendon Police College he became a police officer. Whilst on duty he received a serious injury which brought his police career to an abrupt end. 


He then joined the fingerprint branch, New Scotland Yard, in a civilian capacity. He qualified as a fingerprint Expert and gave evidence in Court and led many teams investigating serious crime scenes (including that of a serial killer). He was also the first civilian fingerprint instructor at the Metropolitan police detective training college. 


After thirty-eight years service he retired as the Deputy Head of the National Fingerprint Office, New Scotland Yard. He has appeared on television and been a guest on BBC Essex Radio. Terence has given many presentations throughout the UK including historical studies, medical group  and schools. 


His talks cover murder mystery and intrigue tinged with humour and emotion . Power point presentations


  • The History of fingerprints and crime scenes.

  • Fingerprint and police milestones.

  • Further advancements in finger print technology.

Terence Rockall
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