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Flying has always been part of Terence's life. From a boy who won flying scholarships, then graduated top at the prestigious College of Air Training to co-pilot on Trident variants, Comets and Boeing 707's before promotion, and to eventual retirement from British Airways as a training Captain on Concorde, he has a wonderful story to tell about the world of travel.


He continues to fly as an instructor and captain with a private airline, having also been their operations director. He is Trustee of two aviation charities and originated a computerised air safety system now in use worldwide.


Terence and his wife, a former stewardess, relax by flying their ex-RAF Chipmunk trainer. They Also own two vintage gliders.


He is a charismatic and passionate speaker regaling his audiences with amusing, fascinating and interesting anecdotes of a lifetimes flying.


He is able to provide DVD's, Videos, or coloured slides, but is happy to talk without any visual aids.


  • London - New York by Concorde

  • Round the World by Concorde

  • Concorde's Last Day

  • Supersonic Stories

  • A History of Supersonic Flight

  • Pilot Selection Procedures

  • Owning a Light Aircraft

  • Developing a New Sailplane

  • Airline Pilot Instruction (including Concorde)

Terence Henderson
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