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Having worked as an auctioneer and valuer for a number of well-known UK auction houses, notably as founder and Managing Director of a well-known Midlands Fine Art Auctioneer, Steven went on to run his own busy saleroom in Warwickshire.


For 14 years he held monthly fine art, antiques and collective sales of between 800 – 1,500 lots in addition to undertaking a full schedule of professional work selling approx. 18,000 lots per year. In 2008 he took a year off to become an antiques dealer and his talks include many amusing anecdotes from his time in the trade. He now acts as a fine art agent and consultant while also undertaking valuations for probate and insurance.



  • Undertaking a detailed valuation of the contents of Skibo Castle, Dornoch, Scotland at the time the home of the daughter of Andrew Carnegie.

  • Discovering an 18th Century Italian violin at a semi-detached house in Shirley. The violin, dated 1743 and made in Genoa achieved £23,000.  Also in the house were two other violins which each made £8,000.

  •  Discovering a Ming Dynasty Blue and White dish that achieved £8,800.

  • Assisting in the auction sale of the Harry Ellard Estate – including 113 classic motor vehicles. Harry Ellard was a recent owner of Compton Verney, Warwickshire.

  • Undertaking the Probate valuation of the Late Lord Harlech’s unique collection of Fine Art and Silver in North Wales in which we found a 12th century Illuminated Manuscript.

  • Spotting a Japanese Satsuma Koro and cover in a box of junk which would have made £40.00 in a forthcoming sale but realised £18,000.


  • Browsing Antiques Shops

  • Buying & Selling at Auction (Illustrated)

  • Stories from the Auction Room

  • The Hoarder Next Door (Illustrated)

  • Behind the Screens

  • Sorting the Jewels from the Junk

  • Identifying & Valuing Old Silver

Steven B Bruce
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