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Peter started in broadcasting whilst still at Oxford University back in the 60s and became a sports reporter in the days of the BBC Home Service. But his early claim to fame came whilst working for ATV in Birmingham when he invented a children's programme called Tiswas and presented it with Chris Tarrant for four years.



He went on to run a number of commercial radio stations, and founded SAGA Radio in 2001 to provide a radio station for the 50+ population of the West Midlands. The famous Birmingham Children's Hospital made him a Director in 2005 and he created The Red Balloon Appeal two years later. Peter became The High Sheriff of the County of West Midlands from 2007 - 2008 and is now a Deputy Lieutenant.


  • From Tiswas to SAGA to The Children's (also known as From

  • Paediatrics to Geriatrics and back)

  • A year in the life of a High Sheriff

  • If there are more of us over 60 than under 16, why do we still have a youth culture?

Peter Tomlinson
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