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Peter Barratt is the great grandson of suffragette Alice Hawkins and found a passion for her life and achievements through the stories his grandfather Alfred would relate to him about her. 

"Alfred saw first hand the opposition that Alice and other suffragettes met in their fight to be treated equally in the society of the day," he says on his website.

"On one occasion grandfather told me of the time he was with his mother in the marketplace in Leicester as she spoke to hundreds of people from a speaker’s platform, urging them to support the suffragette cause.


A man at the back of the crowd shouted, “Get back to your family.” Alice replied without hesitation, “But here is my family, they are here to support me.” Indeed they were for not only Alfred but his brothers, sisters and father also were there to support Alice in her cause.

"The stories were inspiring and unique pieces of oral history that I have remembered and passed down to my children today. But some five years ago I decided to speak publicly of Alice’s struggle and have now spoken to over one hundred and eighty groups and societies. It has proved to be a very popular talk and one which I speak with pride of on each occasion. 


  • Spoken Word :  Alice Hawkins - Suffragette
    With the centenary of women first gaining the vote in 2018, great-grandson Peter Barratt gives a stirring and passionate account of Alice's hard fought campaign for women's suffrage. Illustrated with extensive and original suffragette memorabilia still with the family to this day, Peter reprises his talk first given at Parliament last year as part of Women's History Month and more recently his sell out show (spoken word) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

  • Peter also gives an amusing account of being invited to be an ‘extra’ in the recently released film ‘Suffragette’ and also of his successful campaign to raise funds for a statue of Alice, due to be unveiled early in 2018.

Peter Barratt
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