Paul Gillingham


  • Freewheeling Journeys - Illustrated Travel Talks
    Historian, two-wheeled long-distance traveller, broadcaster and Journalist. Paul Gillingham is many things and has enjoyed a varied career. But his talks offer an insight into his  explorations of Chile, Argentina,  Spain, Austria, Scotland and Ireland - all by bicycle.




Paul taught history in UK, Canada, Tanzania and Hong Kong before switching
to broadcast journalism during the 1970s.


He returned to the UK as a TV news presenter and went on to write and present features for BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service and Classic FM. He has written many articles on travel and a book, ‘At the Peak: A History of Hong Kong Between the Wars’ (1983).

The highlights of his career include: a spell in the Swedish Merchant Navy, a month in a Rwandan refugee camp during the genocide and interviewing, among many, the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Quentin Crisp, Little Richard and the sons of Martin Luther King and Benito Mussolini.