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Nigel Rees is a broadcaster, author, journalist, speaker and entertainer. He is probably best-known as deviser and presenter of BBC Radio 4's Quote ... Unquote programme which began its long run in 1976.



Born near Liverpool, Nigel took a degree in English at Oxford. He went straight into television with Granada in Manchester, reported for ITN's News at Ten and then became involved in a wide range of programmes for BBC Radio - news, current affairs, arts and entertainment - including two years as co-presenter of the breakfast-time Today programme on Radio 4.



Unusually, he has combined his broadcast journalism with appearances in radio and TV comedy shows, such as Week Ending, The Burkiss Way and Harry Enfield and Chums.He is the author of more than fifty books. His most recent titles include Brewer's Famous Quotations and All Gong and No Dinner: 1001 Homely Phrases and Curious Domestic Sayings.



Nigel gives after-dinner speeches and, especially, after-lunch talks in a number of different formats. His subjects include: 'The Humour of Family Sayings', 'Quoting and Un-quoting', 'Ten Great Quotations and the Stories Behind Them' and 'Camping With Kenneth - My Life With Kenneth Williams'.



He also gives illustrated lectures on 'I Told You I Was Sick: Grave Epitaphs and Memorial Eloquence' and 'The History and Humour of Graffiti'. These last two may be combined, if required, as 'From Gravestones to Graffiti'.


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Nigel Rees
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