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Lady Crabtree


The Dowager Lady Crabtree has been entertaining audiences since 1978 with humorous accounts of her extraordinary life, thoughts and experiences.


She’s had a cocktail and a soap named after her; has appeared in many radio and TV programmes from panel games to the BBC’s legendary “Pebble Mill at One”, and was interviewed on American TV following the birth of Prince George in 2013.


Also, 'Lady C' has had international successes with her books; enjoys compèring events and variety shows, and has even appeared in Music Hall. With the motto “If the Queen isn’t free, then get Lady C”, she frequently finds herself making speeches for anniversaries and celebrations, presenting prizes and awards, and speaking at a wide range of functions, from Golf Club Dinners to conferences and corporate gatherings.


With talks that are guaranteed to raise a laugh, Lady Crabtree is also the doyen of Ladies’ Lunch Clubs and Women’s Institutes.


Lady Crabtree was created in July 1978 by author and entertainer Paul James.  Intended only as a single performance for a hotel cabaret in Bournemouth, Lady Crabtree proved to be so popular that Paul is still being booked to appear as her nearly forty years later.


Following in the tradition of the distinguished female impersonators Hinge & Bracket, many audience members are left convinced that Lady Crabtree is real!

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