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Keith was working as an electronics engineer and Tania as an office administrator when, both in their twenties, they gave up their careers and set out on the journey of a lifetime.


In May, 1983, they sold everything they owned and left home on a second-hand motorcycle to see the world. They thought they had enough money to last for 4 years but it was to be 16 years before they returned to the UK. They ravelled more than 250,000 kilometres through 98 countries and worked their passage on cargo ships across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.


When Gulf War 1 blocked their route across the Middle East to China they bought an old wooden sailing boat, full of holes, that they had come across in Cyprus. Knowing nothing about sailing, or boat repairs, they bought the boat for £2,500 - the last of their savings - filled the holes, dismantled the motorcycle, stored the pieces on board the boat and set sail to cross the Atlantic Ocean. 10 months later they reached Barbados in the Caribbean.


After four and a half years cruising hundreds of islands in the Caribbean they sailed through the Bahamas to Florida, where they unloaded and reassembled the, by now, incredibly corroded motorcycle. They sold the boat, crossed over to the Far East and, thanks to the fall of communism, rode a third of the way around the planet through Russia back to Europe.


Now, after 20 years of continuous travelling, they are writing a book about their journey.


  • Twice around the WorldSee the world with Keith and Tania as they present a superb slide show of their travels around the globe. Come to see and hear firsthand what many of us dream about but are too timid to try. How have they travelled for so long without stopping to work? What about health? Insurance? Hear how one single photograph earned then £6,000.

    Their work has appeared in big circulation magazines all around the world, including cover shots and contents page shots. Their writing was included in the Sunday Times Travel Book 3 (as one of the contest winners) and their photos have won numerous contests worldwide. Both old and young, experienced and novice will enjoy this presentation; a must for any person interested in travel, cultures, geography and photography.

  • Comments:- "A superb evening"; "My best organizational decision to scrap the programme for the night to accommodate you!"; "The best slide show we've ever had."

Kimber and Tan
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