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Iain was educated in Lytham St Anne’s, Lancashire and then read law at Liverpool University trying not to let it impact on his enthusiasm for sport.


He qualified as a solicitor in 1972 specialising in his early years in advocacy before moving on to corporate work.


Iain then changed career in the mid 1980s leaving practice and working for a private banking and commercial property institution.


Employed by the successors to the original slave ship owners and with strong family ties to the engineering side of the cotton industry created, in time, an expert interest in all aspects of the growth of international trade, in particular its financing of the British Empire.


There are thirteen headline subjects in his current repertoire that embrace the construction of the Panama Canal, Liverpool and the Slave Trade; The Real Pirates of The Caribbean; King Cotton - The Mill Owners Story; Sugar Sugar - a Tale of Victorian Hypocrisy; Castila del Oro - Mexico to Colombia - an Overview; and Driving Miss Daisy coupled with story of Bentley Racing Motors.


Iain is currently researching a 'Biography of the English Channel'. Also, hiis travel in the Caribbean and Central America have added dimensions and additional material to already engrossing presentations which he approaches from less orthodox standpoints.


  • 1.The Story of the Suez Canal

  • 2. The Impossible Dream - Building the Panama Canal.

  • 3. BOO! HISS! Liverpool and the Slave Trade - The Ship Owners Point of View.

  • 4. The Real Pirates of the Caribbean

  • 5. Castila del Oro - Central America, an Overview

  • 6. King Cotton - The Mill Owners Story

  • 7. Driving "Miss Daisy" and the Story of Racing Bentley Motors

  • 8. A Short Biography of the English Channel "Or why we are why we are"

  • 9. Sugar Sugar - The not so sweet tale of Britain's involvement and prominence in this commodity.

  • 10. The End of the Empire Or - Do we owe the world an apology?

  • 11. The View from my Sitting Room Window. Queen Victoria’s final days at Osborne.

  • 12. The Atlantic Railway. Brunel's Vision

  • 13. The California Gold Rush. The Original San Francisco '49ers'.

Iain Kennedy
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