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Ginny Davis


  • Ginny presents entertaining talks about her career as a barrister turned writer and performer and also about criminal sentencing. She is also available to present her famous one-woman plays which are performed with lights, sound, props and a technician to operate the lights and sound.


New talks for 2020


  • "Mad Englishwoman, Three Dogs and the Midday Sun". 

In 2012 Ginny Davis had a life-changing encounter with three dogs on the Greek island of Crete. This informative and entertaining talk presented with projected images describes how the meeting came about, what happened next and what happened after that.

  • "From the Pillory to the Prison Cell"

Criminal trials in the 17th century were short and swift. Defendants could not give evidence and  200 crimes ranging from theft to murder  were punishable by death. 

Petty criminals were named and shamed. Felons were frequently hanged. Gradually, over the next 400 years the penal system introduced other forms of sentence: transportation, hard labour and eventually, imprisonment.    “From The Pillory To The Prison Cell” chronicles this fascinating period of change in judicial and government treatment of criminals.



Ginny Davis is an award-winning playwright who has written and performed eight plays. 


She sold out to Edinburgh audiences in 2010 and 2013 and now performs throughout the UK. All of this is a far cry from her professional training and practice as a criminal barrister.  


A natural performer, she delights in describing her haphazard career path, illustrating her talk with performance of  scenes from her plays with a brief history of barristers wigs and gowns thrown in. 


The message in her uplifting, entertaining talk, “To The Fringe And Beyond”  is that the road to fulfilment goes via the heart not the head.  


As a first class honours graduate of the University of Cambridge with 35 years' association with criminal law, Ginny also speaks on the subject of criminal punishment. 


In “From the Pillory to the Prison Cell” she takes a light-hearted, entertaining look at court sentencing from the stocks and pillory via hanging, transportation and hard labour to imprisonment both ancient and modern.  


The talk requires use of a projector and screen, both of which Ginny brings with her.


“Ginny Davis`s talk totally captivated her audience. Her performance was really inspirational and funny and provided an excellent pick-me-up on a wet and dreary January evening.” – Wellesbourne WI.

“We were intrigued, mesmerised and highly entertained.” – Lapworth Ladies Supper Club.

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