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Eliza McClelland

A Christmas Party!

An entertainment specially for Christmas time….stories, glitter, tinsel, songs and laughs. A great Christmas party!  It brings everyone together and puts them in the Christmas spirit. What does Christmas mean to you? Family? Carols?The Nativity?The Feast? Shopping?Tinsel? Brussel Sprouts?


A Woman for All Seasons

An entertainment of stories, jokes, poems, quizzes, guess-whos  and laughs about women and for women. Makes you laugh, makes you think! The men can learn a thing or two as well! The perfect talk for a lovely happy party.


Stitching in the Wings

This is a lighthearted chat is about beadwork on canvas. It includes information about the sources of my designs from historic houses round the country, and theatrical gossip about how I came to visit them.

I bring many projects to pass round: cushions, a child’s collar a toybag, a make-up box, a jewellery roll – and a huge patchwork quilt made from snippets of millions of theatre costumes!.

Lots of practical info for the crafters, and lots of theatre chat and glitter for those who aren’t.




Eliza comes from a theatre family and has worked all her life in film, television and stage. She has played a huge variety of roles stretching from Amanda in "Private Lives" to Verucca, an Ugly Sister in "Cinderella" plus countless television appearances. She is also a very experienced and fun after dinner speaker. Her talks are a glittering party - full of stories, poems and jokes to make up an entertaining and sparkling event. 

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