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Lecture (also her book's title)

  • How to look at good and retire


Ann-Veronica is Ann Gregory's nom-de-plume and she worked in education in Hampshire, Berkshire, Derbyshire, Buckinghamshire, Sussex and Switzerland before becoming a fashion book writer.


When Ann settled on the South Coast she brought with her a sizeable wardrobe of clothes which she had found appropriate to her professional life, but which at first seemed less valuable in her still-very-active retirement.

Gradually she discovered ways to make her existing garments more suitable for the life she now enjoys. No! She didn’t set-to with her sewing-machine,  even though she is quite capable of doing so. 


Instead she came up with ideas that utilised the sartorial treasures she already possessed by mixing and matching them with inexpensive new purchases. Furthermore, she made a study of accessories, jewellery, shoes, scarves, belts and bags that could become both eye-catching and useful when teamed with (say) an old-but-perfect designer suit. 


Ann became interested in upmarket cast-offs to be found in charity shops,  and  built-up a number of dos and don’ts  when shopping therein.

She was then persuaded to write a book titled “Retire and Look Good”.  This witty, glossy paperback has been well-received,  which led to her being asked to speak to groups of various sizes. 


Ann-Veronica offers an enjoyable presentation using many colour illustrations.  She brings her own electronic projector and (if necessary) a screen and is quite happy to slant her discourse for specialist audiences.


For example, she found that while many are interested because she offers practical advice (describing where to buy and what to avoid), others enjoy seeing colourful outfits that are worthy of  study in any course on fashion.  


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