Sir Alistair MacDuff is a retired High Court Judge who presided over many high profile trials including numerous murder trials. Before his appointment to the bench he was a leading QC, appearing in many headline-grabbing trials.


Now Alistair is a renowned and acclaimed after dinner speaker with a range of authentic accents. Sidesplitting stories from Scotland (Jock) Wales (Blodwen) Birmingham (Enoch) Ireland (Seamus) Yorkshire (Uncle Geoff) West Country (Jethro) and many more. He will tailor make his speech, which is likely to include a range of amusing courtroom stories, to suit any audience. For a foretaste visit




  • My murder trials and court room anecdotes.

  • The two defendants who got away – literally – with murder.

  • Punishing offenders: does imprisonment work?

  • How the defendants were convicted on circumstantial evidence alone.

  • The Cromford Taxi Murder.

  • Reginald Kray’s son-in-law serving life imprisonment for brutal murder.

  • Judges from History; Denning, Melford Stevenson, Judge Jeffreys and others.

  • Memories of the Music Hall from Chic Murray to Max Miller.

  • Health and Safety; a blessing or a b. nuisance?

  • Historic sex cases: the case for a Statute of Limitations.