American-born and Brighton-based, Richard Cupidi is an experienced art historian, educator and professional storyteller specialising in American art and artists of the 20th century, art of the early Renaissance, Native American art and culture, and the magic of cinema.


He has taught, performed and run workshops in a range of settings including the Tate Modern, Goldsmiths, Brighton Festival, Lighthouse, Kings College, BBC World Service, Sussex University, Combination Theatre, Towner Gallery and the Barbican. As a highly skilled storyteller, Richard has the ability to make his topics come alive, to entertain as well as inform.


  • American Art & Artists of the 20th Century

    • American Originals: Edwards Hopper & Georgia O’Keeffe

    • The Great Migration: Jacob Lawrence & the Streets of Harlem 

  • Art & Magic of the Cinema

    • How to Read a Film

    • What Makes a Great Film Great?

  • Artists of the Early Renaissance

    • Renaissance Originals:

      • Giotto / Donatello / Brunelleschi 

  • Native American arts & cultures

    • Buffalo People: Art of the Great Plains

    • Sun & Raven: Northwest Coast Indian Art

    • People of the Jaguar: Art of the Maya

  • Shaker Art & Community

    • Simple Gifts: Shaker Art & Visions

    • Hands to Work & Hearts to God: The Shaker Experience in America

  • The Storyteller’s Art

    • Take the Coyote & Run: North American Indian Stories

    • In the Beginning Was the Word: Creation Stories the World-over

  • Heath & Wellbeing

    • Stress Less: Simple Techniques to Ease Your Life

    • Speaking in Public: Communicate Well Wherever You Are