Keith Baldwin is an ex cavalry officer and retired police superintendant who brings tales of laughter and highly amusing stories from his years in the army and police force.


Known as 'the tallfell' (he peaked at 6ft4in tall but says he's on the way down now!) he served in the Household Cavalry for six years during his early career, reaching the rank of corporal. After he left army Keith joined the police force, later retiring as a 'super' which he admits was about the same rank as a corporate, but without all the hard work...


But Keith did command an Operational Division and gain a MA at the University of Hertfordshire - before becoming a professional speak with over 400 appearances now under his belt. 


His best calling card is a recommendation from actor Sir Nigel Hawthorne who once remarked at his 'perfect timing' and that he had picked the 'wrong career [in the police force]'.


  • Hilarious Policing Tales from the Dock Dixon Era.

  • A Healthy Look at Laughter

  • The Great War

Keith Baldwin