Elizabeth is a professional singer who has sung all over the world in concert and opera. She was until recently Conductor and Founder of the Eastbourne Choral Society and is also an entrepreneur and notable teacher.


Elizabeth recently formed an all female vocal group The Sussex Song Makers which performs music from all eras. It is already booked for interesting venues and attracting favourable reviews. The group has 8-9 singers, directed by Elizabeth. Engagements include a booking to sing with the Brandenberg choral Festival in London in 2016 and will also give a concert in the lovely church in Berwick as well as Gildredge Manor, a beautiful old manor house. This Christmas they give a music and poetry concert in an Eastbourne theatre.

Elizabeth is also chairman of Eastbourne Arts Circle which presents two events 10 months of the year at either the Towner Arts Gallery or The Birley Center, both in Eastbourne. These events are top class, and attract a large following. As well as events EAC awards an annual prize for art for schools in the town. They also are supporting the creation of an exciting new lecture hall within the gallery.


Her work as a leading music and arts promoter, and her travels all over the world as a professional singer make wonderful material and Elizabeth is well known for her entertaining talks. Her long association with Glyndebourne Opera makes her talk on this opera house very personal. She also gives an interesting talk about her father, Fyfe Robertson, which is affectionate and searching. 

Her latest talk: OSCAR WILDE 


The life and times of this complex poet and author. Elizabeth will trace his life and how his background made him what he became.


With images and excerpts from his works, she will take listeners on a fascinating journey. How the Aesthetic Avant Garde movement moulded Wilde's thinking, and how the direction he took was instrumental in his downfall.


If a club would wish, there could be participation as well. Elizabeth can join with suitable members to read a version of "The Canterville Ghost.


Surely Oscar Wilde is among the great writers, and what emerges is a someone  with a huge sense of humour as well as the ability to turn a golden phrase in our language that leaves you in wonder.

How many of us have not read his "The Happy Prince and other stories" or his "Lord Arthur Saville's crime, and other stories"?.


  • Oscar Wilde - his life and times (see below)

  • Opera can be fun;

  • Glyndebourne - a great opera house;

  • Fyfe Robertson - travels around my father

  • Master of Melody - Puccini

  • Tournados Rossini - Story of the great Italian composer