• What makes a writer

Elizabeth is a professional singer who has sung all over the world in concert and opera. She was until recently Conductor and Founder of the Eastbourne Choral Society and is also an entrepreneur and notable teacher.


Her work as a leading music and arts promoter, and her travels all over the world as a professional singer make wonderful material and Elizabeth is well known for her entertaining talks. Her long association with Glyndebourne Opera makes her talk on this opera house very personal. She also gives an interesting talk about her father, Fyfe Robertson, which is affectionate and searching. 

Her latest talk: What makes a writer

Elizabeth Muir-Lewis was a singer, conductor, teacher all her professional life. She scribbled! But never had time to experiment. Since retiring she has emerged as a published writer. One book on the market and three more pending in the New Year.


Elizabeth has found the process of creating stories and tales based on her life's experience an interesting journey.


Music plays a big role in her work, as that is her life. It is a fascinating process that makes an excellent talk.


Elizabeth is an experienced lecturer, and looks forward to passing on her experience as a newly fledged writer.

Perhaps she is a very good example that it is never too late for new things!