Anthony studied at Liverpool College of Art at the time of the Beatles. He then continued Post-graduate painting at the Slade School where his tutor was the great Sir Ernst Gombrich, and it was his book " The Story of Art", that initiated Antony's interest in 'Stories' about the artists.



His presentations all started at this time in the '50s and it is his personal research in the 'footsteps' of his artists that illuminate his talks. From Guernica to Giverny, Florida to Flanders, and Paris to St,Petersburg. It was on these travels that Anthony discovered the sources of his artists creativity and he made amazing discoveries.


Anthony presents superb talks on the lives and works of many great painters including Van Gogh, the Impressionists and Dali. He brings his own excellent equipment and audiences also enjoy fine pictures illuminated by a fascinating speaker. Anthony is himself a painter and his research and enthusiasm for his subject is infectious. 


  • The True Story of Vincent van Gogh is very sad and moving (with or without slides).

  • Salvador Dali: Explained is both funny and informative

  • 'Guernica' by Picasso: The Greatest Painting of the Twentieth Century is both horrifying and uplifting

  • The Impressionists is made up of beautiful paintings in Paris

Anthony Slinn